Make Your Videos Interactive with Prizma CTA

Introducing Calls-to-Action

An engaged viewer—one that actually watches your content—is one that's interested in what's happening in the video. Prizma helps ensure your viewers are seeing the right content exactly when they want to. And starting today, you can allow your most engaged viewers to act on their interest using Prizma Calls-to-Action.

Our research shows that in a given month, more than 50% of web users aged 18-44 use video to inform purchase decisions, and around 45% of web users report actually clicking interactive elements within those videos to act on them. Prizma CTA provides a way to build highly contextual CTAs for a variety of use cases—purchases, yes, but also Facebook likes, subscriptions, Twitter follows, and a number of others. Any content creator can engage their viewers better using Prizma CTA.

Prizma CTAs are designed to be contextual to the video. This means they need to be specifically associated with the videos for them to be meaningful to viewers. To be clear, Prizma CTAs are not advertisements in the traditional programmatic sense. They are instead opportunities to engage viewers in a very specific manner that is unique to the video. To better understand what that means, let's take a look at some examples.


Subscription page

Have a channel, service, or newsletter for viewers to subcribe to? After they've gotten a few seconds through the video, offer them the opportunity to subscribe to the specific content that's relevant to that video. To frame it differently, if you're Media Conglomerate X, you'll want your CTA to be for subscribing to Specific Show Y, not the Media Conglomerate X account. Best practice is to always serve the user a CTA that makes sense intuitively. 

Here's a Spotlight video from Wait But Why featuring a subscription button:

Product page

This is a video that describes a certain product. When the user reaches a certain point in the video, we're able to assume a level of interest (because they haven't yet skipped it). At this time, Prizma serves them a CTA linking to the product page that goes with the video. Rather than a genericized advertisement for a product like the one in the video, Prizma shows viewers a link to the exact product in the video. That's not an advertisement—that's a considerate convenience.

Here's a video outlining the Top of the Rockefeller Center tour, with a link to get tickets:

Twitter Follow

A particularly engaged viewer could, in fact, be a follower just waiting to be converted. Serving a CTA calling out the relevant Twitter profile is a great way to foster that relationship. Viewers that just want the content can stick around and watch the video, but viewers looking for more of what's going on in your video are given the resource they need to continue that research themselves. At its heart, CTA is about empowering viewers in a non-obstrusive way. (Read about Twitter's web intents—they're super easy!)

Here's a great Simpsons clip with a Follow CTA: 

A new approach to interactive video

Adding specific, contextualized calls-to-action to your video is a pretty different way from how most companies are thinking about making your videos interactive. Prizma CTA allows you to add buttons to your videos that are inherently respectful of your viewers.

The current surge in ad blocking demonstrates that web users want the respect of the sites they visit: they don't want to be tracked in ways they find creepy and don't agree to, they don't want their experience to be slowed down by bloated ad serving, and they don't want ads to be obtrusive and get in the way of their visual experience. 

Prizma Calls-to-Action are not advertisements. They are not designed to be. But they accomplish the same goal that any good ad should: they allow viewers to get closer to the things they care about.

We've outlined a few exciting use cases for CTA here, but they go on and on, and we're very excited for Prizma customers to use the feature to find new ways to engage their viewers. Here are some other ideas:

  • Article pages: if you're syndicating your videos, you don't know where it will appear. If you have a good article on the topic, you can link out to it. Hopefully you're also using Prizma's Video Discovery product on that page, so you can keep your viewer on your pages longer.
  • Polls: does your video content debate a hot-button issue? Link to a poll page on your own site so you can actually see how people are responding to the content.
  • Facebook fan or Instagram: have your viewers follow the personality featured in your video right from it! No separate searching required. 

And we're sure there's all sorts of other uses for it. As our customers start doing new and cool stuff with it, we'll post new examples on the blog. Any cool ideas you want to share? Sound off below!

Header image from this great Pardot post about crafting strong Calls-to-Action.


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