Introducing Spotlight

Our customers love the quality of the content in the Prizma Partner Network and the ability to seamlessly add post-article recommendations to their websites. In the past, we have not provided tools for content creators to include top-notch, engaging content recommendations directly within their posts and articles. We're excited to announce a new format for embedding Prizma content and recommendations directly within your articles. It's called Spotlight.

You can play with it above—by default, a Spotlight video uses beautiful typography to put content front-and-center. Spotlight is designed to be friendly and inviting for your site's visitors, and easy for you to incorporate with your content.

Use Cases

Here are a some different scenarios where Spotlight is helpful:

  • Writing a post with several videos related to a topic and want to embed them in the same page: This format of post has grown quite popular on the Web, and Spotlight allows you to keep tracking performance across your library using Prizma's robust analytics while embedding multiple videos on a page.
  • Writing an article about a specific video you want to appear at the top of the page: Doing a write-up on a speech, a TV clip, or an interview? Spotlight enables you to add a video directly to your page and ensures continued engagement with your video content using our End Slate recommendations, which roll after a visitor finishes a video.
  • Embedding a product video somewhere on your site: While the Prizma grid, right rail, and single-row formats provide highly engaging motivation-based recommendations to your visitors, they don't allow you to guarantee which videos appear for your users. That's by design! However, that meant that before, you couldn't use Prizma at all if your page called for a certain video. Now, if you want to showcase a product, for example, you can use Spotlight to show that first video, and rely on our technology to recommend additional videos when the visitor finishes the first one.

Using Spotlight

If you're a WordPress user, you can embed videos in each post using Prizma for WordPress right from the post editor. Log into WordPress and update your plugin and you'll see the new feature.

embed Spotlight videos directly from the WordPress editor

embed Spotlight videos directly from the WordPress editor

If you're not on WordPress, no worries! Embedding a video is still just a single JavaScript copy/paste, just as easy embedding a YouTube video. The full Spotlight documentation is here.

  partnerId: "foo",
  videoURL: "",
  title: "Hooray for Everything"

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