Prizma for WordPress

We're excited to announce a new way to add video content to your site for users of the popular WordPress content management system. The Prizma for WordPress plugin enables a simple plug-and-play experience for adding a Prizma widget to your site. If your site, like over 25% of destinations on the web, is powered by WordPress, this plugin is available to you today right here.

Fast and Simple

Install the plugin, enter your prizma partner id, and you're off to the races. Out of the box, there are no other settings you have to configure—your video recommendations will just work. Automatically, the widget pulls in the most engaging, relevant video content on every page where it appears, from your own library or the prizma partner network. (Not augmenting your library with our hand-curated partner library? You should be! Click here to learn more about becoming a Prizma distributor.)

Still Highly Customizable

Our plugin affords all the same options as our embed code does, but without requiring you touch any JavaScript at all! You can still determine exactly how and where your recommendations will appear with a simple interface—all within the WordPress CMS. You'll still view your analytics and export performance information from your Prizma Dashboard.

Using Prizma for WordPress you can:

  • Change fonts, borders, text sizes, and more with CSS
  • Determine whether your videos autoplay
  • Edit the default title above the prizma widget
  • Select which layout the widget should use
  • Determine whether recommendations should be shown in the main article area, the sidebar, or both

The best part of all? Even the master settings screen doesn't lock you into those choices. Have a page, such as "Contact Us," where maybe showing videos isn't desired? You can turn the widget off on just that page! Have a few posts that are holiday themed? You can use separate styling and language for the prizma widget on those pages on a case-by-case basis.

These settings can be changed on a post-by-post basis, as well as set globally. Pictured in the upper-right on  a post by yours truly about the future of video .

These settings can be changed on a post-by-post basis, as well as set globally. Pictured in the upper-right on a post by yours truly about the future of video.

Constantly Improving

Prizma for WordPress is developed in parallel with the traditional Prizma product. As we create new layout options or other interface customizations, we'll let you know there are new updates to the Prizma for WordPress platform. Plus, because Prizma for WordPress separates how content looks from the rest of our technology, you'll automatically receive any updates we make to our patented recommendation engine or our powerful video player, without even pressing a button!

We're really excited about Prizma for WordPress and the straightforward way to engage your audience it makes possible. Still, we know there's more to do! Are there features you'd love to see in the next version? Sound off in the comments below, or shoot an email to product at prizma dot tv.

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