A Prizma Powered Year in Review

By all accounts, 2016 was both a year to remember and one that many of us would like to forget. There were outstanding surprises, such as Beyoncé captivating the world and social media with the surprise release of her new album and short film, Lemonade. There were also surprise outcomes that still leave many of us wondering and aghast, most notably, the turn of events in the 2016 Presidential Election and the campaign media cycle that all of us endured (thank you Saturday Night Live for the comedy relief!). 

We sat on the edge of our seats and watched the astounding Chicago Cubs win their first World Series since 1908. Of course, what is 2016 without the artistic phenomenon of Hamilton, the musical about the life of Treasury Secretary and founding father, Alexander Hamilton, which set Broadway afire and represents a prescient political and cultural statement at a critical moment in American history.

Prizma works with some of the best content creators in the industry. To commemorate the inspiring as well as the challenging moments of 2016, we wanted to feature some of the best videos of the year from our partners, videos that we think best capture the feelings and sentiments of 2016. 

Enjoy! Best wishes to all in 2017.


1. One of the most touching videos of the year, this video features an observant and compassionate teen who uses his wits and kindness to save a woman from her kidnapper. [Source: Complex Media] 

2. Dear Prince, Thank you. Remembering your Purpleness. [Source: Complex Media]

3. The 2016 election was one twist and turn after another but when the dust settled Dave Chappelle and Kate McKinnon emotionally awed audiences on SNL [Source: Complex]

4. And in one of the years most stunning developments, the Chicago Cubs came from behind in the Series and won Game Seven. [Source: ABC7 Chicago]

5. We learned some cool things in 2016...like how the pyramids were built! [Source: Discovery Digital Networks]

6. ...and what it will be like to be a human being in 2116!  [Source: Discovery Digital Networks] 

7. Beyoncé sent Twitter and the music world into a frenzy with her surprise album and short film, Lemonade [Source: Complex]

8. We all heard what President Elect Donald Trump had to say about Muslims during his campaign...but did you hear what these Muslim girls had to say to him? [Source: Fusion]

9. Keira Knightley protested the Photoshopping of women's bodies with a very unique photo shoot. [Source: Complex Media] 

10. In time for the Holiday Season, here are Kids trying 100 years of Christmas desserts - cute and hilarious! [Source: Bon Appetit]

11. Shakira says Zootopia has an important message about defying stereotypes

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