A new way to track and understand your videos: Prizma Analytics 2.0

Today marks the official launch of version 2.0 of the Prizma dashboard, and it's one of our most feature-packed product updates ever.

There are tons of insights that Prizma's data can help surface for partners, but until now, most of them were hidden away on our servers rather than displayed front and center. With the goal of showcasing the kinds of information partners can report on, use, and learn from, we've completely reorganized the dashboard and packed it with new insights. The new Prizma dashboard is organized around areas of insight into three main modules: Views, Audience, and Videos.

Views module

The views module is your go-to spot for understanding how many people who see a Prizma widget convert to viewing a video, the breakdown of devices your views come from, and other metrics from version 1.0. Everything's presented in a way that makes metric-to-metric relationships much more clear.

There's also plenty of new stuff: overlay the previous month's performance on this one's to get a sense of how you're tracking relative to your goals, see how many videos each viewer is watching, and how long they're sticking around. These metrics, plus fine date controls and device filters make learning about how much video your audience is watching easier than ever.

Audience module

The audience module is your headquarters for understanding the people who are watching your content: where they're coming from, both on the Web and around the world. Discover what content categories interest them most, what sources (Facebook, Google, other websites) convert to video views, and which countries are watching the most.

We're really excited about the Audience panel. Expect it to grow lots over the coming weeks and months. We'll be surfacing even more of what we understand about your videos—the secret sauce that makes our recommendation engine an industry leader—to help you understand what's resonating, and create more of it. 

Videos module

Finally, the videos module now includes panels to help you understand your library—how many videos Prizma has ingested, which ones are garnering the most views, and even which ones are trending. And for partners big and small, we're launching the ability to play videos directly from the dashboard, because sometimes there's no context for video analytics like the videos themselves.

Wrapping it up

With a more powerful, more useful dashboard, Prizma today is better than ever. And of course, there's plenty more exciting news to come for Prizma Analytics. Click below to get started today.

Are there things you want your video engagement platform to track? Let us know in the comments!

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