Introducing Per-Video Analytics with Prizma

When you're creating lots of videos, it's often helpful to see how they're performing in aggregate. How are you tracking against your goal views for this month? But sometimes seeing how just one video is doing is just as important: how is our new series doing? Are viewers watching the whole thing? Prizma Analytics now makes it possible to quickly answer these questions on a per-video basis. 

Top & Trending Videos Modals

Now, when you visit your Top Videos and Trending Videos panels, you can see exactly how they're doing. Simple click on them to summon a modal like this one:

The metrics you expect are there: 

  • Views: this is the Views metric you've been seeing with Prizma all along, a representation of the number of play events each video has had. This means a user clicked a thumbnail (or watched a whole video and started another one) to see your video.
  • Total impressions: this is the number of time's this video's thumbnail was seen by viewers, whether or not they ended up clicking on it.
  • View rate: this is some simple division: the number of views divided by the number of impressions. This gives you an idea of how often viewers are actually watching the video when they have the chance to.

But the big feature is the Audience Retention graph: it shows you, at any given five-second interval, how many viewers were still tuned in to the video. Additionally, clicking any point on the graph will cause the video to play from that spot, meaning any stark changes in activity can be traced directly to the content. Would a video benefit from being clipped? Are certain segments in need of retooling? These are the questions new per-video analytics enable you to answer, and adjust your video strategy accordingly.

What do you want to know about your video performance? How does knowing about individual performance affect your content creation strategy? Let us know in the comments!

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