Get More Video Views with Prizma for WordPress 2.0

Prizma for WordPress is the quickest and easiest way to add high-quality video recommendations to your WordPress site. There's no better way to keep viewers on site longer, learn what kind of content they care about, and serve them than Prizma. And today, with the release of the biggest Prizma for WordPress update ever, that's easier than it's ever been. And it can get you way more video views.

Monetize, Analyze, and Recommend embedded videos like you never have

Before Prizma for WordPress 2.0, the typical process for adding a video to your WordPress pages looked like this: 

  1. Grab the embed code from YouTube
  2. Embed the video in your post
  3. Never make money on the video, or know how it performed, or even guarantee that the videos after that one were of the same careful selection and taste

With Prizma for WordPress 2.0, the first two parts of the process look very much the same, but now Prizma will automatically convert Youtube videos to the Spotlight format, which means you get:

  • Monetization with your own ad server or Prizma's own premium programmatic, to make money on previously unusable space
  • Analytics for on-page video plays you never had access to before, allowing you to answer questions like: "How many people actually watch the videos embedded on my pages?", "How much more do they watch?", and "What kinds of embedded videos perform well with my audience?"
  • More video views from recommendations via our extensive and high-quality Prizma Partner Network (or your own videos). Before, you couldn't guarantee that the next video played in a YouTube embed would be on-brand, high-quality, or relevant to your viewer. Because Prizma for WordPress 2.0 now automatically converts all YouTube videos to Spotlight, you get the best-in-class video-to-video recommendations that are Prizma's bread and butter, and the bump in video views that entails.

Anywhere you want it, that's where you need it

The original Prizma for WordPress plugin would display the Prizma widget on the spot on your page where our research and performance data suggested. Starting with version 2.0, however, partners have full flexibility in determining where on their pages the widget should appear. Every site is different, and now it's fast and easy to account for that!

And plenty of other fun updates

Version 2.0 features a cleaned up interface and better tips for best practices. A video engagement platform should make your life easy, delight your viewers, and most importantly, increase your video views. Prizma for WordPress 2.0 is the most streamlined, delightful, and video view-boosting version of the platform yet.

Not a Prizma partner yet?

Are there features you want in the next version Prizma for WordPress? Or maybe a plugin for your CMS? Sound off in the comments below!

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