Prizma is Google Tag Manager friendly!

Here at Prizma we’ve been working hard to make it easier for a publisher to integrate our widget on their site. Today we are pleased to announce that Prizma can be used in Google Tag Manager! This means you, the publisher, can quickly and easily configure our tag within your account and specify where on the page you want the widget to trigger. So how does it work? A detailed walk through can be found here

Getting started

First, log in to Google Tag Manager and choose the Container that will contain the Prizma snippet. Then, create a new tag, select the Custom HTML Tag option, and drop in the script. Keep in mind that the id parameter can be named whatever you like. Next, create a trigger that will either fire on all pages or some pages. For optimal performance, we highly recommend enabling it on all pages. Once completed, save and publish the tag.

You're almost there

Now, pat yourself on the back because you’ve set up Prizma in Google Tag Manager. But wait! There are just two more steps and you’ll be home free.

Within your website’s HTML structure, insert the Prizma div tag where you want the widget to automatically appear on the page. Please make sure the div’s id parameter matches the script’s id parameter you set in Google Tag Manager. Then, go to your website and you should see the Prizma widget in all its glory displaying the most compelling and relevant content.

Still have questions?

Head on over to our documentation page. It provides a more detailed step by step instructions on how to implement. As always, if something is unclear feel free to send us an email at

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