Track your Audience Interests at a Glance with Prizma Analytics 2.1

At Prizma, we strive to not only promote content that your customers will enjoy — we also aim to empower you, the publisher, to engage with your core audience in exciting new ways. That's why today we're excited to announce a new addition to the Prizma Dashboard: the Trending Now Module. With it you can now track the stories, movements and topics that are on your audience's minds at this very moment — we make real-time engagement and marketing as easy as a glance.

The Trending Now Module currently consists of two related Panels, with more to arrive in the near future. The Trending Videos Panel shows you the  most engaging video content of the moment. One glance shows you the  topics your audience wants to see 'right now'. The other panel is the Trending Personalities Panel, which further analyzes your trending content to see who's the driving force behind the latest  trend, looking across multiple videos to go deeper in what your audience is engaging with. The red bars show you the relative  “trending score” of each personality . Soon we hope to add further Panels to simplify your real-time engagement even further.

As with the rest of the Prizma Dashboard, the Trending Videos and the Trending Personalities Panels are implemented with Prizma's proprietary continuous learning platform. We analyze the people, places, and things that are buzzworthy right now based on our sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) technology which automatically parses and identifies real-world entities. We measure and analyse your traffic and adjust our model to fit your Web site's individualized needs — whether you are a small blog or an established media behemoth, the Prizma Platform customizes and reinvents itself to precisely suit you and your audience.

Give it a go today — understand and interact with your audience at lightning speed!

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