Video and User Insights for Media: AI and Big Data Analytics

As data becomes increasingly ubiquitous for media companies broadcasters are increasingly looking for more effective and creative ways to use that data to optimize all aspects of their business. At Prizma we have been innovating around collecting and using data to optimize video discovery since we launched, but along the way we realized that we could use the same systems to generate actionable analytics for product, editorial and marketing teams - leading us to begin developing our new Media Intelligence Layer. Prizma was invited to co-present our new offering at NAB on stage alongside the Google Cloud product team.

The Prizma Media Engagement and Intelligence Solution is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and enables premium media brands and digital platforms to effectively engage with their target users with content across various digital environments and to develop a deep understanding of their audience.

Our solution can be leveraged for a variety of business use cases, from predictive behavioral analytics that inform editorial teams on what content to create, how and where to market their video content, how to optimize the distribution of media assets, or create an automated personalized content discovery experience on their owned and operated digital networks.

The Prizma Offering:

Many media clients are interested in using a combination of content metadata, user data (demographics, usage behavior, psychographics), video views, web traffic data, and monetization data to answer critical business questions, such as:

  • Which kinds of videos resonate with different audience segments? Are there specific categories, topics, or personalities that seem to generate better (or worse) engagement with different target segments?
  • How can we compare performance across a variety of distribution channels to extract generalized, usable insights for various teams and uses?
  • What kinds of videos should my content teams be producing (enable rapid editorial response to viewer demand and predictive performance analytics)?
  • Which videos should I distribute by platform?
    Which traffic sources give me the most engaged users?
  • How can we predict video engagement to help inform editorial, distribution and marketing decisions (especially by user segment)? 

Google Cloud Media Offering:

The Google Cloud Media and Prizma teams demonstrated how media customers can easily extract business insights using the Google Cloud stack and data analytics pipeline (especially data from Google Services, such as YouTube, Google Analytics or DoubleClick), while layering Prizma’s Media Intelligence Solution on top of user and video data collected by Prizma. Using BigQuery to compile the data from multiple sources and Data Studio for rapid and flexible visualization, the Prizma team was able to demonstrate how, over a particular time period, different stories, celebrities, and topics resonated with audiences on YouTube vs. O&O and provided insights on how to create higher levels of engagement for different audience segments by platform.

The two teams also demonstrated the seamless integration of these components together, and how the combined offering can deliver better business results quickly.

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    Get More Video Views with Prizma for WordPress 2.0

    Prizma for WordPress is the quickest and easiest way to add high-quality video recommendations to your WordPress site. There's no better way to keep viewers on site longer, learn what kind of content they care about, and serve them than Prizma. And today, with the release of the biggest Prizma for WordPress update ever, that's easier than it's ever been. And it can get you way more video views.

    Monetize, Analyze, and Recommend embedded videos like you never have

    Before Prizma for WordPress 2.0, the typical process for adding a video to your WordPress pages looked like this: 

    1. Grab the embed code from YouTube
    2. Embed the video in your post
    3. Never make money on the video, or know how it performed, or even guarantee that the videos after that one were of the same careful selection and taste

    With Prizma for WordPress 2.0, the first two parts of the process look very much the same, but now Prizma will automatically convert Youtube videos to the Spotlight format, which means you get:

    • Monetization with your own ad server or Prizma's own premium programmatic, to make money on previously unusable space
    • Analytics for on-page video plays you never had access to before, allowing you to answer questions like: "How many people actually watch the videos embedded on my pages?", "How much more do they watch?", and "What kinds of embedded videos perform well with my audience?"
    • More video views from recommendations via our extensive and high-quality Prizma Partner Network (or your own videos). Before, you couldn't guarantee that the next video played in a YouTube embed would be on-brand, high-quality, or relevant to your viewer. Because Prizma for WordPress 2.0 now automatically converts all YouTube videos to Spotlight, you get the best-in-class video-to-video recommendations that are Prizma's bread and butter, and the bump in video views that entails.

    Anywhere you want it, that's where you need it

    The original Prizma for WordPress plugin would display the Prizma widget on the spot on your page where our research and performance data suggested. Starting with version 2.0, however, partners have full flexibility in determining where on their pages the widget should appear. Every site is different, and now it's fast and easy to account for that!

    And plenty of other fun updates

    Version 2.0 features a cleaned up interface and better tips for best practices. A video engagement platform should make your life easy, delight your viewers, and most importantly, increase your video views. Prizma for WordPress 2.0 is the most streamlined, delightful, and video view-boosting version of the platform yet.

    Not a Prizma partner yet?

    Are there features you want in the next version Prizma for WordPress? Or maybe a plugin for your CMS? Sound off in the comments below!

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    Make Your Videos Interactive with Prizma CTA

    Introducing Calls-to-Action

    An engaged viewer—one that actually watches your content—is one that's interested in what's happening in the video. Prizma helps ensure your viewers are seeing the right content exactly when they want to. And starting today, you can allow your most engaged viewers to act on their interest using Prizma Calls-to-Action.

    Our research shows that in a given month, more than 50% of web users aged 18-44 use video to inform purchase decisions, and around 45% of web users report actually clicking interactive elements within those videos to act on them. Prizma CTA provides a way to build highly contextual CTAs for a variety of use cases—purchases, yes, but also Facebook likes, subscriptions, Twitter follows, and a number of others. Any content creator can engage their viewers better using Prizma CTA.

    Prizma CTAs are designed to be contextual to the video. This means they need to be specifically associated with the videos for them to be meaningful to viewers. To be clear, Prizma CTAs are not advertisements in the traditional programmatic sense. They are instead opportunities to engage viewers in a very specific manner that is unique to the video. To better understand what that means, let's take a look at some examples.


    Subscription page

    Have a channel, service, or newsletter for viewers to subcribe to? After they've gotten a few seconds through the video, offer them the opportunity to subscribe to the specific content that's relevant to that video. To frame it differently, if you're Media Conglomerate X, you'll want your CTA to be for subscribing to Specific Show Y, not the Media Conglomerate X account. Best practice is to always serve the user a CTA that makes sense intuitively. 

    Here's a Spotlight video from Wait But Why featuring a subscription button:

    Product page

    This is a video that describes a certain product. When the user reaches a certain point in the video, we're able to assume a level of interest (because they haven't yet skipped it). At this time, Prizma serves them a CTA linking to the product page that goes with the video. Rather than a genericized advertisement for a product like the one in the video, Prizma shows viewers a link to the exact product in the video. That's not an advertisement—that's a considerate convenience.

    Here's a video outlining the Top of the Rockefeller Center tour, with a link to get tickets:

    Twitter Follow

    A particularly engaged viewer could, in fact, be a follower just waiting to be converted. Serving a CTA calling out the relevant Twitter profile is a great way to foster that relationship. Viewers that just want the content can stick around and watch the video, but viewers looking for more of what's going on in your video are given the resource they need to continue that research themselves. At its heart, CTA is about empowering viewers in a non-obstrusive way. (Read about Twitter's web intents—they're super easy!)

    Here's a great Simpsons clip with a Follow CTA: 

    A new approach to interactive video

    Adding specific, contextualized calls-to-action to your video is a pretty different way from how most companies are thinking about making your videos interactive. Prizma CTA allows you to add buttons to your videos that are inherently respectful of your viewers.

    The current surge in ad blocking demonstrates that web users want the respect of the sites they visit: they don't want to be tracked in ways they find creepy and don't agree to, they don't want their experience to be slowed down by bloated ad serving, and they don't want ads to be obtrusive and get in the way of their visual experience. 

    Prizma Calls-to-Action are not advertisements. They are not designed to be. But they accomplish the same goal that any good ad should: they allow viewers to get closer to the things they care about.

    We've outlined a few exciting use cases for CTA here, but they go on and on, and we're very excited for Prizma customers to use the feature to find new ways to engage their viewers. Here are some other ideas:

    • Article pages: if you're syndicating your videos, you don't know where it will appear. If you have a good article on the topic, you can link out to it. Hopefully you're also using Prizma's Video Discovery product on that page, so you can keep your viewer on your pages longer.
    • Polls: does your video content debate a hot-button issue? Link to a poll page on your own site so you can actually see how people are responding to the content.
    • Facebook fan or Instagram: have your viewers follow the personality featured in your video right from it! No separate searching required. 

    And we're sure there's all sorts of other uses for it. As our customers start doing new and cool stuff with it, we'll post new examples on the blog. Any cool ideas you want to share? Sound off below!

    Header image from this great Pardot post about crafting strong Calls-to-Action.


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    Introducing Spotlight

    Our customers love the quality of the content in the Prizma Partner Network and the ability to seamlessly add post-article recommendations to their websites. In the past, we have not provided tools for content creators to include top-notch, engaging content recommendations directly within their posts and articles. We're excited to announce a new format for embedding Prizma content and recommendations directly within your articles. It's called Spotlight.

    You can play with it above—by default, a Spotlight video uses beautiful typography to put content front-and-center. Spotlight is designed to be friendly and inviting for your site's visitors, and easy for you to incorporate with your content.

    Use Cases

    Here are a some different scenarios where Spotlight is helpful:

    • Writing a post with several videos related to a topic and want to embed them in the same page: This format of post has grown quite popular on the Web, and Spotlight allows you to keep tracking performance across your library using Prizma's robust analytics while embedding multiple videos on a page.
    • Writing an article about a specific video you want to appear at the top of the page: Doing a write-up on a speech, a TV clip, or an interview? Spotlight enables you to add a video directly to your page and ensures continued engagement with your video content using our End Slate recommendations, which roll after a visitor finishes a video.
    • Embedding a product video somewhere on your site: While the Prizma grid, right rail, and single-row formats provide highly engaging motivation-based recommendations to your visitors, they don't allow you to guarantee which videos appear for your users. That's by design! However, that meant that before, you couldn't use Prizma at all if your page called for a certain video. Now, if you want to showcase a product, for example, you can use Spotlight to show that first video, and rely on our technology to recommend additional videos when the visitor finishes the first one.

    Using Spotlight

    If you're a WordPress user, you can embed videos in each post using Prizma for WordPress right from the post editor. Log into WordPress and update your plugin and you'll see the new feature.

    embed Spotlight videos directly from the WordPress editor

    embed Spotlight videos directly from the WordPress editor

    If you're not on WordPress, no worries! Embedding a video is still just a single JavaScript copy/paste, just as easy embedding a YouTube video. The full Spotlight documentation is here.

      partnerId: "foo",
      videoURL: "",
      title: "Hooray for Everything"

    Don't have Prizma at all yet? Click below to get in touch and learn more.

    Love Spotlight? Want to make it better? Comment below or email us at product at prizma dot tv.

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    Prizma for WordPress

    We're excited to announce a new way to add video content to your site for users of the popular WordPress content management system. The Prizma for WordPress plugin enables a simple plug-and-play experience for adding a Prizma widget to your site. If your site, like over 25% of destinations on the web, is powered by WordPress, this plugin is available to you today right here.

    Fast and Simple

    Install the plugin, enter your prizma partner id, and you're off to the races. Out of the box, there are no other settings you have to configure—your video recommendations will just work. Automatically, the widget pulls in the most engaging, relevant video content on every page where it appears, from your own library or the prizma partner network. (Not augmenting your library with our hand-curated partner library? You should be! Click here to learn more about becoming a Prizma distributor.)

    Still Highly Customizable

    Our plugin affords all the same options as our embed code does, but without requiring you touch any JavaScript at all! You can still determine exactly how and where your recommendations will appear with a simple interface—all within the WordPress CMS. You'll still view your analytics and export performance information from your Prizma Dashboard.

    Using Prizma for WordPress you can:

    • Change fonts, borders, text sizes, and more with CSS
    • Determine whether your videos autoplay
    • Edit the default title above the prizma widget
    • Select which layout the widget should use
    • Determine whether recommendations should be shown in the main article area, the sidebar, or both

    The best part of all? Even the master settings screen doesn't lock you into those choices. Have a page, such as "Contact Us," where maybe showing videos isn't desired? You can turn the widget off on just that page! Have a few posts that are holiday themed? You can use separate styling and language for the prizma widget on those pages on a case-by-case basis.

    These settings can be changed on a post-by-post basis, as well as set globally. Pictured in the upper-right on  a post by yours truly about the future of video .

    These settings can be changed on a post-by-post basis, as well as set globally. Pictured in the upper-right on a post by yours truly about the future of video.

    Constantly Improving

    Prizma for WordPress is developed in parallel with the traditional Prizma product. As we create new layout options or other interface customizations, we'll let you know there are new updates to the Prizma for WordPress platform. Plus, because Prizma for WordPress separates how content looks from the rest of our technology, you'll automatically receive any updates we make to our patented recommendation engine or our powerful video player, without even pressing a button!

    We're really excited about Prizma for WordPress and the straightforward way to engage your audience it makes possible. Still, we know there's more to do! Are there features you'd love to see in the next version? Sound off in the comments below, or shoot an email to product at prizma dot tv.

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