Video and User Insights for Media: AI and Big Data Analytics

As data becomes increasingly ubiquitous for media companies broadcasters are increasingly looking for more effective and creative ways to use that data to optimize all aspects of their business. At Prizma we have been innovating around collecting and using data to optimize video discovery since we launched, but along the way we realized that we could use the same systems to generate actionable analytics for product, editorial and marketing teams - leading us to begin developing our new Media Intelligence Layer. Prizma was invited to co-present our new offering at NAB on stage alongside the Google Cloud product team.

The Prizma Media Engagement and Intelligence Solution is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and enables premium media brands and digital platforms to effectively engage with their target users with content across various digital environments and to develop a deep understanding of their audience.

Our solution can be leveraged for a variety of business use cases, from predictive behavioral analytics that inform editorial teams on what content to create, how and where to market their video content, how to optimize the distribution of media assets, or create an automated personalized content discovery experience on their owned and operated digital networks.

The Prizma Offering:

Many media clients are interested in using a combination of content metadata, user data (demographics, usage behavior, psychographics), video views, web traffic data, and monetization data to answer critical business questions, such as:

  • Which kinds of videos resonate with different audience segments? Are there specific categories, topics, or personalities that seem to generate better (or worse) engagement with different target segments?
  • How can we compare performance across a variety of distribution channels to extract generalized, usable insights for various teams and uses?
  • What kinds of videos should my content teams be producing (enable rapid editorial response to viewer demand and predictive performance analytics)?
  • Which videos should I distribute by platform?
    Which traffic sources give me the most engaged users?
  • How can we predict video engagement to help inform editorial, distribution and marketing decisions (especially by user segment)? 

Google Cloud Media Offering:

The Google Cloud Media and Prizma teams demonstrated how media customers can easily extract business insights using the Google Cloud stack and data analytics pipeline (especially data from Google Services, such as YouTube, Google Analytics or DoubleClick), while layering Prizma’s Media Intelligence Solution on top of user and video data collected by Prizma. Using BigQuery to compile the data from multiple sources and Data Studio for rapid and flexible visualization, the Prizma team was able to demonstrate how, over a particular time period, different stories, celebrities, and topics resonated with audiences on YouTube vs. O&O and provided insights on how to create higher levels of engagement for different audience segments by platform.

The two teams also demonstrated the seamless integration of these components together, and how the combined offering can deliver better business results quickly.

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