If you're looking to learn how to get the most out of Prizma Analytics, you’ve come to the right place. This five part video series walks you through each panel, their associated metrics, and provides useful tips & tricks on how you can improve video performance. If you're new to Prizma, bookmark this page for future reference. At any point if you have questions, email us at support@prizma.tv.

Table of Contents:

  1. Summary Module
  2. Views Module
  3. Audience Module
  4. Videos Module
  5. Trending Module

1. Summary Module

In this tutorial we will be exploring the summary and filter area and see how your videos are performing overall within a selected period. Let’s begin.


  • What does Unique Views, Views, and Minutes Viewed mean? (0:09)
  • How to compare performance between different periods (0:29)
  • How to select a custom period (0:42)

2. Views Module

In this tutorial we will explore the Views Module and see how many visitors are converting to viewers. Let’s begin.

  • What are Viewable Impressions, a View Rate and how are Views defined? (0:15)
  • What is the difference between Standard and Cumulative? (1:16)
  • What device types are popular for viewers watching your videos? (1:30)
  • Other miscellaneous views metrics (1:46)

3. Audience Module

In this tutorial we will be exploring the audience module and learning more about where your viewers come from, both geographically and digitally, as well as what interests them. Let’s begin.

  • Where are viewers watching my videos? (0:17)
  • What referring website led to the most views? (0:46)
  • What categories are the most popular? (1:10)

4. Videos Module

In this tutorial we will explore the Videos module and see how many videos are currently in your Prizma library and which videos are performing the best. Let’s begin.


  • How many videos has Prizma ingested? (0:10)
  • What does "ingested" mean? (0:20)
  • What videos are performing the best? (0:37)
  • How to exclude hand embed videos? (0:57)
  • Why doesn't my video have a thumbnail? (1:04)
  • How can I view individual video performance? (1:29)

In this tutorial we will explore the Trending Now module and understand what videos and people are currently the most popular. Let's begin.

  • What videos are over performing on my site? (0:09)
  • What does Trending Personalities mean and why is this helpful? (0:24)