8 Female Athletes Who've Spoken Out About Equality in the Sports World

If you haven’t heard yet, the women’s national hockey team is taking an unprecedented stand against USA Hockey, demanding more equal treatment headed into the World Championships, which are scheduled to start on Thursday in Michigan. 

All of the team's members are refusing to play unless a fair deal is struck, and they are asking for pretty simple changes: the payment of a living wage, comparable programing for young female hockey players and better marketing and PR. 

While the players and the organization are in talks, USA Hockey is seeking scabs to play in the championships without much luck. Players as young as 16 are saying they will stand with the women’s hockey team no matter what. 

Although the women’s national hockey team is making history, they aren’t the first female athletes to speak up for equal pay and gender equality in the sports world. Here are a few more who are blazing trails and making the news for more than their athletic ability.