What follows is the down-and-dirty explanation for the metrics on the Site Analytics Dashboard. This is the dashboard you see if you use Prizma to recommend video content on your own websites, including your own and third-party videos. Looking for Syndication Analytics documentation? Find it here.

Total widget impressions

  • An impression is recorded each time the FEM Inc. widget has rendered on your pages in the timeframe selected.
  • This metric does not mean that the thumbnails have necessarily been seen. See viewability.

Viewable impression

  • A viewable impression is recorded each time the Prizma widget has rendered and had at least 50% of its vertical height visible within the viewport of the user's browser. (This percentage includes the header text section of the widget.)
  • This count is not incremented if the widget renders (that's an impression), but is never at least 50% visible to the user.


  • Viewability is the percentage of impressions that were viewable by the user, as defined in "Viewable impression."


  • A click is counted any time a user clicks on a video thumbnail in the Prizma widget or in the Prizma end slate recommendations (which display after a video has played).
  • Note: this differs from a view, which is when the integrated video player actually records its play event.

Click rate

  • The number of thumbnail clicks divided by the the number of viewable impressions for the given timeframe, expressed as a percentage.


  • A view is recorded whenever a video player loads and sends its play event back to the Prizma widget.
View counts may be slightly lower than click counts, due to a number of factors:
  • A user may click a thumbnail but then navigate away from the page before the video player has had a chance to load.
  • The video may play but the player does not provide a usable play event. (This sometimes happen when a third-party player updates to a new version and either (a) itentionally changes the way that the play event works or (b) unintentionally introduces a change, e.g. a bug.)

View rate

  • The number of video views divided by the number of viewable impressions for the given timeframe, expressed as a percentage.

Top videos by views

  • The given timeframe's top-performing videos (up to 10), by total views. The total number of views is displayed for each of those ten videos, using the definition of "view" from this glossary.

Views by device

  • The number of views recorded on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices for the given timeframe.

Top regions by views

  • The number of views for (up to) the five countries with the greatest number of views, in the given timeframe.

Views by content creator

  • The number of video views for content you have submitted on your site, and the number of views for third-party content.