What follows is the down-and-dirty explanation for the metrics on the Syndication Analytics Dashboard. This is the dashboard you see if you use Prizma to recommend video content on your own websites, including your own and third-party videos. Looking for Site Analytics? Find them here.


  • A view is recorded whenever a video player loads and sends its play event back to the Prizma widget.
View counts may be slightly lower than click counts, due to a number of factors:
  • A user may click a thumbnail but then navigate away from the page before the video player has had a chance to load.
  • The video may play but the player does not provide a usable play event. (This sometimes happen when a third-party player updates to a new version and either (a) intentionally changes the way that the play event works or (b) unintentionally introduces a change, e.g. a bug.)

Views per widget

  • For each widget where at least one of your video thumbnails has rendered, the number of views of your videos that took place.

Time spent watching

  • The total minutes spent watching your videos, across all sites where they were syndicated.

Top videos by views

  • The given timeframe's top-performing videos (up to 10), by total views. The total number of views is displayed for each of those ten videos, using the definition of "view" from this glossary.

Views by source

  • The number of video views for your content that have occurred on your site, and the number of video views for your content that have occurred on Prizma Partner Network sites.
  • If you do not use Prizma on your own site, "Views on your sites" will equal 0.