Prizma End Slate for Brightcove Legacy Player

Option 1 (recommended): Adding to your player

Prizma provides high-engagement End Slate recommendations that play after a user has finished a video. you can add these recommendations to your Brightcove videos by doing the following:

  • In Brightcove Legacy Studio, navigate to Publishing > All Players > Click the player you want to add the plugin to > Settings
  • Under the Global tab (selected by default), make sure Enable ActionScript/JavaScript APIs is checked.


  • Navigate to Video Player > Under Brightcove Branding, select Disable Brightcove menu

  • Copy the following URL to your clipboard
  • Navigate to Plug-ins > Paste into the Custom Plug-ins URL bar > Hit Add


  • In the lower right corner of the Settings pop-up, hit Save Changes

Repeat these steps for all Brightcove Legacy Players with which you want to use Prizma End Slate for Brightcove Legacy Player.

Option 2: Embedding Page JavaScript

It's possible to add End Slate recommendations to the Brightcove player without entering the Brightcove Legacy Studio. You can add Prizma recommendations to Brightcove by embedding the following JavaScript before the closing </body> tag of your site.

<script src=""></script>

If you choose to embed this way, make sure you also add the following parameter when initializing the Brightcove player on your website:

<param name="includeAPI" value="true"/>

This should go between the <object> tags of your player.