Looking to add Prizma End Slate recommendations to Brightcove?

You’ve come to the right place. The guide below provides step by step instructions on how to get set up so you can start increasing your video views in no time.

(These instructions are for the current Brightcove release. Looking to integrate with the Brightcove Legacy Player? Contact support.)

Note: Before integrating the plugin, please make sure that the feed you have provided contains Brightcove player details to make sure that the video plays correctly within your player. In particular, the feed must contain your Brightcove Account Id and Video Id (bc:accountid and bc:titleid). Please read here for more details or contact support.

Step 1: Login To Brightcove

Login to your Brightcove account and navigate to the Player section. 

Step 2: Choose a Player

Click on the player that you would like to integrate EndSlate with.

Step 3: Disable Endscreen

By default Endscreen should be set to disabled. If not, click on edit and choose Disabled.

Step 4: Edit the Plugin Panel

Scroll down until you see the Plugin panel located on the bottom right hand side and click Edit.

Step 5: Insert Prizma Embed Code

Click on the Javascript cell and insert the Prizma embed code:


Step 6: Insert Partner ID

Click on the Name, Options (JSON) cell and fill in the following information.

Type: Details:
Plugin Name: prizmaEndSlate
Plugin Options: Copy and paste {"partnerID": "XXX"} into the Plugin Options section and replace XXX with your Partner ID given by Prizma. Make sure the quotes remain in place. If you don’t have a Partner ID yet, please email us at support@prizma.tv.

Note: Watch out for formatting errors! The plugin will NOT work if quotes are missing, partnerID isn't spelled correctly, or if there are any additional characters.

Step 7: Preview the Plugin

Preview the video to verify the changes. When a video completes, Prizma recommends the next video based on our proprietary recommendation technology.  The video starts to play automatically in a few seconds, keeping the user continuously engaged.

Step 8: Rinse & Repeat

Repeat steps 1-6 if you’d like to integrate EndSlate with another player. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email at support@prizma.tv. We are always happy to help!