Prizma End Slate for upLynk

Prizma provides high-engagement End Slate recommendations that play after a user has finished a video. you can add these recommendations to your upLynk videos by doing the following:

  • First, copy the following and paste it into the head tag of your pages:
<script src=""></script>
  • For every player for which you want End Slate to appear, you'll add code like the following example to your page:
  partnerId: "PB-XXXXXXX",
  layout: "Spotlight",
  player: "UpLynk",
  id: "player",
  videoURL: ""

Required parameters

option details
partnerId Your Prizma publisher id. String.
id The id of the container of the upLynk player instance. String.
layout To play the original video and then get endslate this should be Spotlight. String.
videoURL The upLynk content URL of the first video per player. This is required to initiate End Slate. String.
player Defaults to Uplynk for the list of approved domains String.