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Generating an Ooyala MRSS Feed

want to syndicate (ALMOST) all of your videos?

In Ooyala Backlot, navigate to Publish > External Publishing > New (make sure player MRSS is selected) > Give the feed a title > Select "All" > Hit Copy URL

Send this URL to your account manager.

want to syndicate a certain category of your videos?

Note: Have questions about whether you should be syndicating all of your videos? In most cases, we suggest just using the directions above and we can adjust from there. If you have concerns, though, reach out to your account manager!

  1. First, make sure to label the videos you want to syndicate. You can make a new label specifically for syndicating with Prizma, or use combinations of labels you already use (e.g., syndicating all videos labeled "Food" and "Travel.") [Already have the videos you want to syndicate labeled? Skip to 2.]
    • In Ooyala Backlot, navigate to Manage. Select All Labels at the bottom of the left pane of the screen, then hit the button at the bottom left. Give the new label a name and hit Enter.
    • Next, drag all the videos you want from the right side of the screen into that new label. Tip: you can select multiple videos by clicking the first one you want to include, and holding shift while you click on the last video you want to include. All videos in between will be included. (You can unselect individual ones by pressing command (Mac) or ctrl (PC).
  2. Go to Publish > External Publishing > New (make sure player MRSS is selected) > Give feed a title (other parts not strictly necessary) > Add Label (select all the labels whose content you want shown) > Copy URL
  3. Send that URL to your account manager!

updated October 30, 2015 using the documentation here

Generating a Brightcove MRSS Feed

get your brightcove api token

Whether you want to syndicate all of your videos or a subset of them, you'll need to start by getting your read-only Brightcove API token with URL access. To get that key:

  • Navigate to your Brightcove Legacy Studio by clicking Legacy Studio in the upper-right corner of Brightcove Videocloud.
  • Click Account Settings in the upper right portion of the page (click here for image), then select API Management on the left side of the page (image).
  • Copy your read-only API token with URL access and send it to your account manager
    • This will be a long string of numbers and letters with two periods at the end. Make sure you include the periods! Here's an example of what such a key might look like:


Generating a Kaltura MRSS Feed

Coming soon!

Finding your YouTube Channel URL

To get your YouTube Channel URL to use with Prizma, log into your YouTube account, select My Channel on the left side, then copy the URL from the URL bar.

  • Note: Prizma can only syndicate using YouTube Channels, not Playlists or individual videos.

Generating Limelight and Other MRSS Feeds

Prizma is able to support players not listed here. Please discuss with your account manager or business development representative. If you're not in touch with us already, there's no better time!