What format should my feed use?

Prizma is built to work with feeds using the Media RSS standard. If you know that your feeds adhere to the MRSS format, you should already be good to go.

What fields does Prizma need to work properly?

The more fields there are, the merrier, but the following are pretty much required for each video:

  • A human-readable title (not a date/timestamp; see below for best practices)
  • A thumbnail link
  • Keywords or tags
  • A description
  • A link to the video file itself, so it can be played

While not required, the following are also helpful:

  • View counts
  • The duration of the video
  • Additional thumbnails at different sizes

What fields does Prizma need to work the best it can?

Here are a couple easy wins:

  • Make sure your titles are not generic; "Parks and Recreation Season 7 Trailer" is a much better title than "Official TV Trailer." When in doubt, ask, "Does this title alone give me an idea of what this video's about?" If no, spruce it up with some detail!
  • Include multiple thumbnail sizes for each video. Most video CMSs will do this automatically, or at least provide an easy way to do so. This way, we can serve the best thumbnail for the device and connection your visitor has, making it more likely they'll engage with your content even more!