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Embed Code

  1. Start by adding the following to the <head> tag of your pages. Most content management systems will allow you to do this on a site-wide basis.

    <script src=""></script>
  2. Choose where to add the widget. For this step, you'll need your Prizma Partner ID. If you need your Partner ID, contact us. In the following code, replace PB-XXXXXXX with your Partner ID. For best practices, see... Embed Best Practices.

    Place inline where widget should appear

    <script>prizma({partnerId: "PB-XXXXXXX"});</script>

    In most cases, you're finished! If you don't have access to that section of your CMS, or want more customization, read on below.

Can't embed inline? Include an id in the initialization

If your CMS does not allow you to embed JavaScript where you want the widget to appear, you can also paste this code before the closing </body> tag of the site, and add the id of the div where the widget should appear as a parameter.

<script>prizma({partnerId: "PB-XXXXXXX", id: "video-widget"});</script>


Optionally add custom parameters. You can customize a number of parameters to suit your needs, including changing the title of the widget and the CSS files, as well as passing extra parameters to a 3rd party player such as JWPlayer.

option details
id The id that should be applied to the widget's container element if creating the widget in situ. Otherwise, the id attribute of the element in which the widget will populate. String.
cssFiles An array of CSS file URLs to override default widget styling. See usage in Customizing your CSS.
layout Defaults to MOSAIC, the highest-performing layout, a grid of up to six videos. Learn more about formats.
headerText Text to display above the widget.
maxVideos Maximum number of videos to display for a single column implementation of the widget.
additionalPlayerParams Additional parameters to pass to the player if using a 3rd-party player (JWPlayer, Brightcove, etc.)

Example Usage

  partnerId: "PB-XXXXXXX",
  layout: "SPOTLIGHT"
  headerText: "Watch Now"

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Prizma for WordPress Plugin

If you're using WordPress as your Content Management System, you can download the latest version of the Prizma for WordPress plugin below. You'll also need your Prizma ID, which you can get by contacting us.

Answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • Got the plugin? Install it, then activate it in Plugins.
  • Want to set up the plugin? Head to Settings > Prizma Widget and each configurable option is explained there.
  • Want to add the widget to the sidebar of your pages? Head to Appearance > Widgets in your WordPress dashboard, and the Prizma widget into the sidebar area. You can then select whether you want titles to be superimposed on the video thumbnails, or below them.
  • Want to change the title of a particular widget, or its orientation for a particular page? Head to that page in Posts or Pages, then select edit. You can change certain properties of the widget using the Prizma options module in the sidebar of the post editor.
  • Still have questions? We're ready to help at!

Other Integrations

Prizma Offers a number of additional integration options for specific circumstances. If you don't see an option that will work for you on this page, contact us.

Here is the documentation for some other integration options: