The Bottom Line: Put Prizma where you'd put other content.

There are a lot of specific recommendations on this page, but they all boil down to this: put Prizma where your visitors (real people) will see it, on all the pages they want to see.


Prizma does best the more it's used—we recommend you embed Prizma on all of your article pages, in addition to gallery and other pages. Prizma can learn more about what's trending and serve your visitors better the more places it is.

Note for testing: Prizma needs to be embedded on a page with actual content to really shine. Embedding on a blank page results in a non-customized, default behavior. For best results, embed somewhere with actual content.


Put Spotlight wherever you'd normally embed a video on your page. Spotlight is designed to fit right in with articles written about videos, or on pages showcasing specific ones.


Mosaic really shines at the bottom of an article, but above all other post-article modules, like comments and article recommendations. This is because a visitor who reaches that point of the page has engaged with your content, and wants to keep doing so.


Filmstrip performs best when it's given room to breathe. It works great for full-width section separators when it can stretch across the width of a page, especially on gallery pages where visitors are intentionally browsing for certain kinds of content. 

Note: Filmstrip is responsive, like all of our other layouts, so it shows more videos the more room it has. Our research shows that up to a certain threshold, showing more videos produces higher engagement.

right rail/sidebar

Both the Mosaic and Filmstrip layouts convert to columns when placed in the sidebar of a site. If you're putting Prizma along the side, higher up on the page is better

Note: Sidebar implementations of Prizma perform better when your site doesn't have advertisements in that area of the site. Visitors tend to block out everything in that area if there are lots of ads.

How much space should Prizma take up?

For Mosaic and Filmstrip layouts, wider is better. Your visitors become video viewers more often when Prizma has lots of space to work its magic. 

For Spotlight, do what you normally do with video embeds—Spotlight is designed to perform like a regular ol' embed. It just has the great End Slate recommendations only Prizma can provide.

Customizing Prizma

Prizma widgets are designed to look great the moment they hit the page. Users engage with our default layouts and styles at a high-rate, but if you want to make sure the widget's on-brand, here are a couple tips:

  • Make sure the font size on the header is the same as the other headers on your site. Prizma is supposed to look like a part of your site—because it is!
  • Make sure video titles remain easily readable. Titles are an important part of how viewers decide what to watch.
  • Find guidelines for writing custom CSS for Prizma at Prizma Designer Docs: Using a custom .css file.

Titling the Widget

Whatever you do, don't just call it "Videos" or "Recommended Videos." 

Do: Customize your title using the headerText parameter of your embed code. 

Do: Be creative and on-brand! "Discover More" and "Watch this next" are both great examples of engaging titles.

Do: Talk to your account manager. We're happy to help find the most engaging title for your widget!

Your Website

Make sure it's mobile-optimized! Prizma responds automatically to the amount of space available for it, but a desktop site on a mobile phone is super challenging for visitors to navigate and engagement rates plummet. If you're installing Prizma, there's no better time to think about moving to a responsive design, especially as search engines like Google are now promoting mobile-friendly sites.