Spotlight is great for when you need to embed a specific video on a page (like if you're writing an article about it), but want to get great End Slate recommendations, too. Spotlight can also just recommend a single video, though we find that the formats below offer higher engagement for that sort of use case. Learn more about possible use cases and how to implement it, or check out our blog post explaining Spotlight.


Mosaic goes great at the end of an article. It's the default implementation and doesn't require any special changes to the code. Learn more about when to use it and how to implement it.


Filmstrip is great for section separators and minimizing the heights of your pages while still providing great recommendations. Learn more about when to use it and how to implement it.


You can make a column widget by just embedding Mosaic in a narrow space—it'll do the rest automatically.

This is a fake article right here. Do you like it? Engaging lede. You want to read more.

Here's a quick body paragraph. Maybe an image happens next, which we'll explain in the paragraph after?

I guess not.

Hooray for columns!