What is it?

Prizma for WordPress allows publishers using the WordPress content management system to achieve a plug-and-play integration with Prizma. This allows you to add Prizma to your website without touching any code!

Key features

Plug-and-Play integration

Adding video recommendations to your WordPress site is as simple as hitting install and entering your partner ID. In most cases, the default settings—chosen based on our extensive research and testing—will be ideal for your business. If something needs adjusting though, Prizma for WordPress affords all of the vanilla JavaScript installation's customization options.

Automatic YouTube-to-Spotlight conversion

All YouTube videos on your site will automatically be converted to display in a Prizma Spotlight widget, meaning you'll get the following:

  • Monetization: Add monetization to your own embedded YouTube videos, which normally display ad-free.
  • Analytics: Prizma provides analytics for these views in one convenient dashboard, so you can analyze your views across all sources.
  • More video views: Prizma limits recommended post-roll content to your library and (if you want it) the Prizma Partner Network.