Your Partner ID is: Not here! Enable JavaScript and click the link from your email again.

Embed Code

  1. Add this snippet to the <head> tag of your pages. Most content management systems allow you to do this once site-wide.

    <script src=""></script>
  2. Paste the following code where you'd like the Prizma widget to appear. For best practices, see... Embed Best Practices.

    <script>prizma({partnerId: "Delete the text between the quote marks and paste your PB-ID in here."});</script>

    In most cases, you're finished! If you don't have access to that section of your CMS, or want more customization, see the advanced docs.

Prizma for WordPress Plugin

Using WordPress? Great! In your WordPress dashboard, hit Plugins > Add New > search "Prizma" > hit Install. Make sure you bring your Partner ID! (Remember, it's back in that email we sent you .)

Want to check out Prizma for WordPress? Learn more here.