50 VOD Professionals North America 2016 - Results!

"North America is home to some of the largest and most powerful content distributors in the world and exerts a massive influence over the global market with regards to product innovation and strategic experimentation." VOD collected your nominations and passed them along to a panel of senior industry judges who determined the ranking. Cue 50 VOD Professionals North America 2016!

Breaking Normal

Mass media’s influence on STEM careers for girls.

Mass Media affects the way we view ourselves and how we view the rest of the world. It presents us with stories and images that influence how we develop our basic beliefs about the world. A 2010 study from the Kaiser Family Foundation showed that children between the ages of 8 and 18 spent an average of 7 hours and 38 minutes a day consuming television and Internet media, that’s up from 6:21 in 2004. Children are spending nearly half their waking hours consuming media and that number is rapidly increasing with the proliferation of Internet-enabled devices.

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What Top Accelerators Are Really Looking For In A Startup

Every month hundreds of startups in the United States apply to accelerator and incubator programs. Their hope is that acceptance will grant them access to the wise mentorship, industry connections and money that will lead them to the promised land. With a bit of luck they will scale, achieve profitability and rub elbows with other success stories like Dropbox, GrubHub or AirBnB.