Prizma is an artificial intelligence powered solution that enables premium media companies and brands to effectively engage with and develop a deep understanding of their audience. Prizma brings together content metadata, including Prizma psychographics, with video engagement data across platforms to create a unified view into how audiences engage with your content.

Media companies are looking for effective ways to leverage data (e.g. metadata, user behavior, monetization) to answer critical business questions. Prizma can be leveraged for a variety of business functions from content discovery and personalization, to predictive analytics that inform content programming and marketing.

Prizma is fast and easy to integrate as we automatically generate relevant metadata. To track user behavior, Prizma provides Video Plugins for major OVPs as well as API integrations with 3rd party data. 

Core Technology

Prizma’s proprietary technology brings human-centered dimensions to AI with scalable machine learning to understand what content resonates with users and why.  Our Big data algorithms intersect features of content performance with user behavior to map audience “psychographics” (underlying user interests, emotions and motivations).


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Prizma Media Intelligence: Prizma leverages Big data and AI algorithms to provide actionable video and audience insights. Prizma compiles and normalizes data from multiple sources (e.g. O&O properties, YouTube, Google Analytics) to provide analytics, which are used by business intelligence, product, editorial and marketing teams. Key analytics include:

  • Performance metrics - views, time spent, engagement rate, abandonment rate
  • Audience insights and Content analytics  - trending topics, audience interest profiles by platform, device and geographic regions. ROI metrics by topics and personalities.

Prizma Engagement Solution: Prizma offers personalized video discovery to drive deeper user engagement for both premium (movies, TV shows) and short-form video content. Prizma also enables distribution of native branded content.